From Muslim Evangelist to Christian Disciple


Ibrahim once lead 32 Christians, (Catholics) to Allah in a day.  He was the darling of the Imams in his country.  A superstar.  A hero.

If you have ever wanted to see Muslims come to Jesus now is the time to help. Have you ever wanted to talk with an Imam that loves Jesus and is an expert in debating Muslim experts? Now is your opportunity.

Ibrahim was an evangelist. For Islam. He was known for leading Christians, (Catholics) to Allah. He would debate and challenge others to debates and he won. But there was a problem. Jesus showed up and revealed Himself to Ibrahim. Over a period of weeks and months Ibrahim came to the realization that Jesus was real. Muslims in the area realized what a huge problem it would be for their champion of Allah to begin to preach Jesus. Soon persecution came, then Ibrahim fled his home country. Now Ibrahim needs your help.

I have walked with this brother for almost five years. He is now an amazing evangelist for Christ. He has led many to Jesus and I have baptized and brought them into our house churches, making discipls of them and preparing them to go into the predominantly Muslim area they live in as evangelist. But I need your help.

Ibrahim was an Imam. As such, living as a refugee that is all he knows. Teaching, studying and leading. For months or even the first two years he had to basically hide and we put him up in a safe house. We later brought his family here to live with him. We have acquired funding for this children to go to a Christian school, and we provide him a safe house to live in. But he has no income month to month. He was funded by some generous supporters that have since had to move on after providing for Ibrahim’s family for almost two years. These things happen.

Ibrahim cannot take a normal job as he is still pursued and targeted by radicals in our area. So we have come up with an opportunity. An opportunity for you.


Ibrahim has, off and on, worked online to debate Muslim clerics and experts around the world. He is very gifted at this and we have always tried to help him in his endeavors. Like getting him a small laptop a few years back. Recently, Ibrahim has connected with people from his home country, Muslims and Christians alike who are in the midst of a battle of apologetics. But according to Ibarhim the ones on the side of our Savior are very inexperienced and do not really know the Quran. Making Christianity look unprepared and ill equipped to address real questions that Muslims seekers about Jesus want answered. Perhaps YOU would like to be able to engage with an Imam yourself and ask about Islam, becoming a Christian or simply have a place to direct Muslims to that have questions you can’t answer.

We have a plan. We need supporters People that want to invest in some infrastructure and equipment to allow Ibrahim to use his great apologetic skills and devotion to following Jesus, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit to address this great need while becoming a resource for you.

We need a special high speed connection, better equipment and yes simple living expenses for Ibrahim to move forward. He is active now struggling with an old laptop, some regular internet connections in this African nation and no resources. We need people that would step up and help us gain the internet service, newer equipment and support to move forward. Would you join us?

We need to raise 1500.00 for equipment and connections on a one time basis. Then, we need supporters that would give monthly. We really need 700.00 a month for my brother and his large family to thrive and not just survive. Please consider giving to this wonderful opportunity.

We are wanting to make Ibrahim available to his supporters for Q&A as well as Facetime type of meetings, and participation in debates. You can connect with a former Imam and expert on apologetics. Not book learning but a man that debates other Imam’s from around the world. Translation is also needed. If you have always wanted to ask questions to an Imam that came to Jesus here is your chance. Donate today!

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