The Light Turns On: An Imam turns to Jesus, sitting in a Mosque

Can you become a Christian in a Mosque reading a Quran? Now that is not a question you get asked every day. In fact I don’t think I have even had such a thought cross my mind in my entire life. But today I heard a testimony like no other. I spent several hours with a former Imam from
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Meeting the Imam

I know that many of you look forward to hearing from our resident former Imam, and now faithful disciple of Jesus. For those of you new to this blog I will update you. I have multiple house churches in an urban refugee area in Kenya. In one of my house churches we have a Christian bro
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The Journey of Faith; By my friend, “Paul” Imam Hussein Siraji

The Journey of Faith My name is Imam Hussein Siraj, an Ethiopian. I am the fourth born in a family of three girls and four boys. My parents are strong Muslims, living in the town of Dodola, in the Eastern part of Ethiopia. Because of their strong commitment to Islam, my parents dedica
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