The Light Turns On: An Imam turns to Jesus, sitting in a Mosque

Can you become a Christian in a Mosque reading a Quran? Now that is not a question you get asked every day. In fact I don’t think I have even had such a thought cross my mind in my entire life. But today I heard a testimony like no other. I spent several hours with a former Imam from
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Testimonial From Jonathan

As Americans, we are inundated with people collecting funds from this and that charity.  I wanted to support someone I knew personally and someone that I knew has given up all for the sake of a greater thing.  I support Stand With The Persecuted because it is the most direct way for m
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Testimonial From Brett

It was truly a blessing earlier this year spending time with you and the devoted disciples of Jesus, who were former disciples of Mohammed in Islam. It was quite an experience for me, being a native of the USA, and not used to seeing such conditions even in our slums. The happiness an
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